General Questions

When is Antigua's Carnival
Typically, Antigua’s Carnival runs from the last weekend in July until the first Tuesday in August.
How long is Antigua's Carnival
Where in Antigua are the official Carnival events held?
What does a typical schedule for Antigua’s Carnival look like?
Is Antigua’s Carnival children-friendly?


How do I get tickets to the shows for Antigua’s Carnival?
Tickets can be purchased prior to the show at the various ticket booths across the island, and of course, from the ticket box office at Carnival City. With the emergence of e-commerce, plans are currently underway to facilitate online ticket purchases.
How do I sign up to play Mas in Antigua for Carnival?


Where do most visitors come from for Antigua’s Carnival?
During the months of July and August when Antigua’s Carnival is held, based on arrival figures, most visitors come from US, UK and neigbouring Caribbean islands.
How can I obtain information with regards to travel packages?

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