The carnival festivity is the best experience ever

The carnival festivity is the best experience ever and while attending carnival in Antigua please check out the beautiful beaches and browse around the island for some of the most breath taking sceneries

Tamara Sherine Pinnock

The hottest and best summer festival

Antigua's carnival the hottest and best summer festival in the world.

Ethel Mcbean

Une ambiance extraordinaire !

Une ambiance extraordinaire ! Des costumes sublimes et colorés ! Bravo vous savez transmettre votre joie, votre bonne humeur, le goût de s'amuser sans complexe et en toute sécurité ! Bravo ...

Chris Delvallé

It's the greatest summer festival no island can compare

It's the greatest summer festival no island can compare .all you got to is witness it one time and you will never miss another one

James Joseph

The greatest summer festival indeed

The greatest summer festival indeed. Coupled with 365 beautiful beaches to explore. Awesome.

Faithlyn Webb

We Love Antigua's Carnival

Our experience started the minute we touched down at the V.C.Bird International Airport. What better way to begin our holiday with everyone welcoming us back? Once unpacked & settled into our lovely room at Cocobay Resort, we headed out that evening for the first of our many events. Redeye – We enjoy this as we meet up with a lot of friends. Always enjoy the Soca Monarch Semi-Finals as this is the first time we get to see the artistes perform. Another event that was good was the LIAT Wadadli Face off once again seeing the local bands perform. Brilliant atmosphere. We went to jam session this was the first time at jam corner and thoroughly enjoyed it what a blast we had. This was the first year for Glow Parade and it was lovely once again mingling with everyone taking in the sights, sounds and smelling all the wonderful food on offer. Tshirts Mas Opening Parade along with Monday and Tuesday mas is always memorable. Seeing everyone in the costumes is an amazing scene. The whole camaraderie and vibe amongst everyone is something special. Everyone is happy and having a great time. The LIME Party Monarch was an eventful evening. Wonderful atmosphere, great music and entertainment. Always exciting to be there when the winner is announced especially as they are all our friends so we’re cheering for all of them. For J’ouvert we were not a part of any specific band as we decided to roam amongst them all. This way we could get to join in with our friends on the different trucks. Definitely do it this way again! We enjoy being part of Antigua’s Carnival, seeing and mixing with everyone out in St.Johns. We also like to support local artistes and had the pleasure of being in a music video with a lovely talented young man, Brandon Browne whose song ‘I Luv Antigua’ sums us up as we do love Antigua and represent everywhere we go. We will be back in 2016 for the 60th celebrations. Your crazy Revellers Iain & Sian

Iain & Sian

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