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We'll Be Back For Antigua's Carnival

I came home to Antigua for Carnival 2015. I came to visit my family and also introduce them to my husband. I have attended carnival in the past but this was my husband’s first time visiting Antigua and attending Carnival. He absolutely was blown away. We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during Antigua’s Carnival celebration this year. From T-shirt Mas to J’Ouvert Morning, to the Carnival parade we loved every moment. We were even able to catch Panorama and the Party Monarch shows which were equally exciting. In addition to all of the Carnival events we attended, spending time with our family was priceless.

As a result, my husband has demanded that we not miss another carnival and will return every year from now on… From my previous experience to now, it is clear to see just how huge and developed the Carnival experience has become here in Antigua. I’m so excited to see what the future of Carnival will become. We will both be back!

Sincerely Frank and Tiffany Mathis


We Love Antigua's Carnival

Our experience started the minute we touched down at the V.C.Bird International Airport. What better way to begin our holiday with everyone welcoming us back? Once unpacked & settled into our lovely room at Cocobay Resort, we headed out that evening for the first of our many events.

Redeye – We enjoy this as we meet up with a lot of friends. Always enjoy the Soca Monarch Semi-Finals as this is the first time we get to see the artistes perform. Another event that was good was the LIAT Wadadli Face off once again seeing the local bands perform. Brilliant atmosphere.

We went to jam session this was the first time at jam corner and thoroughly enjoyed it what a blast we had.

This was the first year for Glow Parade and it was lovely once again mingling with everyone taking in the sights, sounds and smelling all the wonderful food on offer.

Tshirts Mas Opening Parade along with Monday and Tuesday mas is always memorable. Seeing everyone in the costumes is an amazing scene. The whole camaraderie and vibe amongst everyone is something special. Everyone is happy and having a great time.

The LIME Party Monarch was an eventful evening. Wonderful atmosphere, great music and entertainment. Always exciting to be there when the winner is announced especially as they are all our friends so we’re cheering for all of them. For J’ouvert we were not a part of any specific band as we decided to roam amongst them all.

This way we could get to join in with our friends on the different trucks. Definitely do it this way again! We enjoy being part of Antigua’s Carnival, seeing and mixing with everyone out in St.Johns.

We also like to support local artistes and had the pleasure of being in a music video with a lovely talented young man, Brandon Browne whose song ‘I Luv Antigua’ sums us up as we do love Antigua and represent everywhere we go. We will be back in 2016 for the 60th celebrations.

Your crazy Revellers Iain & Sian

MY Jumpy Carnival

My experience this Carnival season on a whole was a positive one. I got the opportunity to interact with the people, shared in some great performances, and also I retained my crown in the Jumpy Monarch.

However, if I had to pick the most important positive experience, I would choose the people. We Antiguans are VERY honest. As an artist, if you’re not doing well, the people will let you know. They hold no punches, and on the flips side, if you are entertaining them, they will surely let you know, and give you that energy, that love. I received a lot of positive energy from the people, which I use to feed my stage performances. Without that energy from the people, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Thank you Antigua and Barbuda. I am looking forward to celebrating many more Carnivals with you, “The Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival”.

Ricardo Drue

Reigning Jumpy Monarch

MNM is Ready!

MNM Music Group

Antigua’s Carnival 2015 in three words would be “GREAT”, “GREATER”, and “GREATEST”.

It was “GREAT” for us to release our brand “MNM Music” comprising of three young soca artistes, Dennis ‘Menace’ Roberts, Tario ‘Boasta’ Phillip, and Tito ‘Melo’ Thomas. With this being our second year in the arena, we definitely hit the mark, and received much appreciation from all of our supporters and sponsors.

Secondly, this year was a “GREATER” year for us because we had the opportunity to produce not one, but several hit songs landing us many Pre-Carnival gigs, and each of us a spot in the LIME Party Monarch Finals. This gave us a chance to prove our determination and love for the music.

However, the “GREATEST” part, in our opinion, would be retaining the Road March title, and being able to create a song that was played the most times throughout the entire Carnival Season.

At the end of 2014, we created our mission for Antigua’s Carnival 2015, we remained humble, kept our spirits high, and we endured right until the end.

We definitely understand why Antigua’s Carnival can be called “The Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival” because the fun is undeniable, the support is overwhelming, and the excitement is truly a splendour!

MNM Music is Ready for Antigua’s Carnival 2016!!!

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