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Miss Azariah Moore

Miss Azariah Moore
Miss Azariah Moore
  • Competition: 2019 Harney Motors Queen Of Carnival
  • About: AZARIAH MOORE Delegate #2 31”, 25”, 38” are the statistics of 5’ 3”inches Azariah Moore. She has brown hair to complement her brown eyes. Azariah is a resident of Piggott’s Village and graduate of the Antigua Girls High School. She describes herself as a true friend and sweet island girl because of her genuine and outgoing personality and respect for others. She loves nature and animals. Empowered by five siblings, she has been taught the values of caring and always putting the needs of others before hers. Recreationally, she developed a love for hiking, physical fitness and the great outdoors. Consequently, she participated in the JCI Color Run for Cancer Awareness and Rotary Club of Antigua Sundown’s Autism Walk. Azariah likes to sing, play the piano as well as the steel pan. She was inspired by her father as well as her church and school choir. She is currently an employee of Sagicor Life Inc.

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