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Miss Maurisa Carbon

Miss Maurisa Carbon
Miss Maurisa Carbon
  • Competition: 2019 Harney Motors Queen Of Carnival
  • About: MAURISA CARBON Delegate #3 32”, 25”, 37” are the statistics of this petite silhouette who loves to embrace her naturalness. Maurisa is a talented and well-rounded young woman with keen interests in Education and the Arts. She is a graduate of the Princess Margaret School and the Antigua State College where her focus was on visual arts. During her tertiary studies, Maurisa developed a passion for teaching and imparting her knowing to young children. She utilizes her skills in Arts and Craft by exhibiting her work at many forums island wide. This journey has influenced her to develop her own brand. With her enthusiastic attitude and burst of energy, she intends to pursue a career in teaching art so that she can allow children to express themselves and give back the passion she has developed over time.

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