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Please read to ensure a Safe and Fun filled time


Welcome to Antigua's Carnival hot spots, fetes, main stages and road activities held mainly in the public domain of the city of St. John’s and surrounding road circuits; with targeted hot spots island wide leading up to the week each event production.


Antigua and Barbuda National Festival activities are open to all private, corporate, big and small businesses for creating, executing and participation. They encompass many pre-during-post private fetes and hot spots however the major week of Carnival encompass - Carnival Opening Parade; Carnival Monday - J’ouvert and Tee Shirt Mas; Carnival Tuesday - Costume Bands, Winners of competitions, Individuals, and Floats seguing in to Las Lap; and Beach ‘thank you’ Sunday bash.


Antigua’s Carnival is coordinated for the executive producers The Government of Antigua and Barbuda through Antigua and Barbuda Festival Commission (ABFC) and the Ministry of Culture, Sport and National Festivals.


ABFC with support services from the executive producers’ Government Ministries and Departments KINDLY ask ALL business fetes, hot spot fetes, road fetes and road parade participants to adhere to the rules and regulations listed below for your own HEALTH, SAFETY and COMFORT



  • Registration – ALL groups, troupes, floats, animals and service providers must register at ABFC Office to be allowed to participate on and in any road parade


Sponsors and Logos


  • Sponsors and Logos - We ask that all road parade groups, troupes and floats adhere to the official KEY sponsors of Carnival listed. All other sponsors are allowed minimal branding rights (To be determined and agreed upon by ABFC). No political signs/logos


Liquor License

  • All Mas Bands, Tee shirt bands and J’ouvert bands – Sale of alcohol requires a liquor license. This is obtained by purchasing a $100.00 stamp at the post office and then going to Police Headquarters to obtain same. Please display prominently in mobile bar



  • All participants, in consideration of participation in this event, agree to: Indemnify, hold harmless and release the ABFC and the St. John’s Development Corporation or any related agents, volunteers and employees, from any and all liability for any injury or damage which may arise out of or in any way be connected with participation in any of Antigua’s Carnival road parades activities. Please make certain all your service providers have personal and vehicle insurance liability.




  • Maintain adequate space as dictated by road parade marshals and security - All groups, troupes, floats and music


Under 18


  • Entries with children under 18 must have parents / group, troupe / float road parade committee chaperones walking alongside who provide


  • Cultural Musical Bands, and groups affiliated  eg. cheer leaders, precision marching units, drill teams, flag wavers etc. must also have marshals attached for supervision.


  • Entries using sound amplification for musical purposes and for addressing the audience—no indecent language/no speeches/no political

Road Parades

  • Road Parades are family events, so offensive language; offensive song lyrics; offensive clothing or gestures are strongly

Volume Of Music

  • Volume of amplified music must be at a reasonable Children and adults are discouraged from sitting directly behind speaker boxes on trucks as it will damage their ear drums.

Trucks / Container wheels

  • Trucks / Container wheels - All vehicles participating on the road are required to have their wheels + sides of the trucks covered with wood or fencing material 12 inches from the ground. Please see graphic description for reference. All vehicles MUST be checked pre-event start


  • Floats should not exceed 8 -10 feet in height – it becomes unsafe and unstable and a liability risk to personnel on it and on the ground


  • Speakers and musical equipment should not exceed 8-10ft in height – Ensure they are strapped securely to the vehicles carrying them. No personnel standing / sitting or unsecured on top of rig / speakers. It becomes unsafe and unstable and a liability risk to personnel on it and on the ground

Rope System

  • Revelers security rope system - All bands over 100 people must use the rope system to contain their patrons. Bands using the roping system please ensure that the rope is ¾ inches thick and should be mounted at the back of the truck and not around the truck. Ensure ropes are heavily monitored by your SAFETY men at.

Glass Bottles

  • No glass bottles - All bands on the parades are to dispense all drinks in plastic cups; ensure this pouring from bottle to plastic cup happens on the route and upon groups’ arrival backstage Carnival

Don’t Drink and Drive

  • Don’t drink and drive - All drivers of vehicles within the parade should not be drinking alcoholic beverages; if caught may be removed from the parade by Traffic Police if seen to be a hazard to life and limb. The ABFC Road Parade Committee, St. John’s Development Corporation or any related agents, marshals, men at work, volunteers and employees, will not be held responsible for any liability or any injury or damage which may arise out of or in any way be connected with drivers not adhering this safety rule.


  • Animals - Entries involving animals of any kind must provide their own clean-up, and/or have their animals in “diapers”, have dogs on leashes and be kept under control specifically by their professionally trained and certified ONLY animals with a certified vet certificate of health and training specific to their function will be considered for road parade.


  • Road Parade Route – Will be posted and disseminated by ABFC. The judging and staging areas are positioned at various locations specified and agreed to as determined by the ABFC and the Antigua and Barbuda Police.
  • ALL road parade bands, winners, and floats - Are expected to perform along the ENTIRE PARADE ROUTE as agreed to from the ABFC and the Antigua and Barbuda Police.


  • Judging areas - All groups must pass the judging points and should continue past the point of being in front of area designated by ABFC Parade Committee, men at work and supported by health, safety and security grouping.


  • During road parade - Please ensure you do not block Carnival City ENTRANCES and Any designated emergency roads in the city along the route.


Ensure ALL BIG rigs/ containers/ mobile service provider trucks continue beyond the entrances to your designated containment area on Old Parham Road after Coronation Street once your grouping has entered Carnival City to cross main stage for final judging. Please ensure all vehicles ONLY park on the left hand side (Melbourne House, Global Bank, Community First Corporative Credit Union etc.) facing out of town. Failure to comply will result in traffic police escorting you off any other road and away from the parade route and your group for safe containment.


  • Public defacement of property and spectators - Mud or paint “mas” and the spraying of any form of liquid on spectators is not Anyone in violation of this rule will be requested to leave the band by a Marshall or the police.


  • Public defacement of property and spectators - Mud or paint “mas” and the spraying of any form of liquid on spectators is not Anyone in violation of this rule will be requested to leave the band by a Marshall or the police.


  • Pre Assembling - All Mas camps, groups, troupes, and floats must have a designated vehicular holding area which does not conflict with the official route
  • Pre Assembly line up – All registered parade vehicles must assemble at starting point on time. Vehicles arriving after this time WILL lose their position and be placed at rear of the parade.


  • Band Banners – For easy identification all troupes, groups, floats are required to have a main banner and segment banners that clearly identify their group.
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