Antigua Carnival 2015 Results

After quite a captivating carnival, we conclude by giving you the results for all the official competitions hosted by Antigua Carnival, from within the Antigua and Barbuda Festivals Commission.

We do say thank you to all the participants, winners and runners up and we are looking forward to seeing you again for Antigua's Carnival 2016.

Antigua Carnival 2015 Results

Float Competition:

2nd Runner-Up – Chinese Association of Antigua & Barbuda “Culture of China”

1st Runner-Up – Teen Xplosion

Winner & 2015 Float Champion – Miss Antigua & Barbuda

T-Shirt Mas Competition:

2nd Runner-Up – Dumz Tree

1st Runner-up – Myst Carnival

Winner & 2015 Tshirt Mas Champion – Insane Carnival


Teen Xplosion:

3rd runner up – Hanble Espinal (OCS)

2nd runner up – Jair Alexandre (SJA)

1st runner up – Tia James (CHSS)

Winner – Shavesa Gaspa (AGHS)

Marching Band Competition:

2nd Runner-up – Xplosion Cheerleaders

1st Runner-up – Ladies of Style Dancers

Winner- Spirit Starz Cheerleaders


Prince Competition:

2nd Runner-up – Silk Dust Mas Troupe “Peacock”

1st Runner-up – Rockers Mas Troupe “Splendour of the Traffic Signs”

Winner – Ali and Associates “Pretty, Pretty”

Princess Competition:

2nd Runner-up – Tiffany Taylor, Adele School “Summer Freeze”

1st Runner-up – Alisa St. Jean , Xclamation Mas “Explosions of Colour”

Winner – Silk Dust Mas Troupe “Flower Vendor”


School Troupe Competition:

2nd Runner-up – Cobbs Cross School “Prettiness of Culture”

1st Runner-up – Olivia David Primary School “Prettiness of Love”

Winner – Five Islands Primary School “Prettiness of Soul”

Private Bands Competition:

2nd Runner-up – Silk Dust Mas Troupe “The Vendor”

1st Runner – up – Ahoy Sailors Mas Troupe “Sailor Band”

Winner – The Next Generation Revellers “From the Archives of Revellers”


State Insurance Junior Calypso Monarch (5-12):

2nd Runner-Up – Super Man

1st Runner-up – Singing Shyla

Winner – Baby Eve

State Insurance Junior Calypso Monarch (13-19):

2nd Runner-up – Lady Melody

1st Runner-up – Mighty Soyinka

Winner – Ashante


ECAB Junior Groovy Soca Monarch:

2nd Runner-up – De Mightee BC

1st Runner-up – Mighty Soyinka

Winner – Baby Eve

ECAB Junior Jumpy Soca Monarch:

2nd Runner-up – De Advisor

1st Runner-up – Kid Vicious

Winner – Junior Rampler


ACB Panorama:

2nd runner-up – West Indies Oil Company Gemonites

1st runner-up – Digicel Halcyon

Winner – LIME Hell’s Gate

LIME Groovy Monarch:

2nd Runner-up – Boaster

1st Runner-up – Ricardo Drue

Winner – Claudette “CP” Peters


LIME Jumpy Monarch:

2nd Runner-up – Tian Winter

1st Runner-up – Claudette ” CP ” Peters

Winner – Ricardo Drue

Wadadli Beer Competition:

2nd Runner-Up – King Fiyah

1st Runner Up – Queen Thalia

Winner – King Bear


Senior Carnival Monday Wear:

2nd Runner-up – Carnival Divas

1st Runner-up – Insane

Winner & 2015 Monday Wear Champion – Beautiful People

J’ouvert Morning:

First J’ouvert Troupe on the Road – Angels J’ouvert Troupe

First Steel Band on the Road – Gemonites Steel Band

First Jam Band on the Road – Revo Band


Road March Competition:

2nd Runner-up: Sand to the Beach – Menace (10 times)

1st Runner-up: Professional – Ricardo Drue (12 times)

Winner & 2015 Road March (Winner of the Patrick A. Michael Memorial Trophy): Old Time Something – Boasta (31 times)

Band of the Year – Mini Bands

1st Runner-Up – African Gems Mas Troupe “Depicting African Culture”

Winner – Jus Friends Mas Band “The Bad and the Beautiful”


Band of the Year – Small Bands

2nd Runner-Up – Dominica Cultural Express “Sensay”

1st Runner-up – Carnival Divas Mas Troupe “Fantasy Sailors”

Winner – Xclamation Mas Troupe “Show Your Colours”

Band of the Year – Medium Bands

2nd Runner-up – Rockers Mas Troupe “Splendour of the Traffic Signs”

1st Runner-up – Xklusive Carnival “Exotic Cocktails”

Winner – Ali and Associates “Pretty, Pretty”


Band of the Year – Large Bands

2nd Runner-up – Beautiful People Mas Band “Out of the Ashes – Phoenix Rising”

1st Runner-up – Myst Carnival Inc. – “Elevate”

Winner – Insane Carnival “Rio – Tropical Bird Fantasy”