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Megan Younger - Antigua Carnival Parade

For most people, kicking off your holiday in the wee hours of the morning can be an exhausting, curmudgeon-inducing thing. But then we'd surmise that most people haven't enjoyed the bewildering life experience of what it's like to walk straight into the 3am hubbub of Antigua's hyper-colourful, wonderfully chaotic and overwhelmingly inviting 12-day Carnival.

 Between world-class beaches, threadbare bikinis, booty-tastic dancing, droolsome cuisine, delicious drinks and a non-stop laughter track, MTV is happy to report that Antigua's Carnival is one of the best (if not the best) in the world. And here's why...

You’re going to drink rum

So much rum. As celebrations start early most mornings, you'll find that there's always an ample thimble of rum to accompany the kick-off. Antiguan's definitely know how to party bigger and better than you - and the quicker you realise that, the better. The first day of the Parade starts at 3am with a kaleidoscopic blast of live music, dancing and drinking in a vast field overlooking the picturesque city of St. John's.

Sipping on a rum punch, eating salt fish fritters fresh out of the pot and purveying the surrounding rolling mountains and beaches is a life highlight. Absorbing the fact you're experiencing all this barely an hour into the Carnival is a sign of things to come.


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