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Antigua & Barbuda Carnival Parade Safety Rules 2018
A solid wood Barrier Frame should be erected around the flatbed frame; Flush at the rear and projecting at least 6 inches along the long sides of the flatbed. Fencing wire or plywood sheeting should be securely fastened onto the frame covering the wheels of the flatbed. The maximum height of the fencing wire/plywood barrier from ground level should be no more than 10 inches. The minimum thickness of the plywood if used should be 5/8 inch.
Electrical wire clearing attendants: All persons who are designated to clear electrical/telephone wires from the tops of the parade trucks should be kitted out with a non-conductive pole and gloves and take preventative measures to prevent falls.
GIS route mapping: NODS will endeavor to design a route map detailing the areas on the parade routes where drivers would have difficulty maneuvering long vehicles around corners. The route map should also display safety zones where pedestrians should not stand or sit whilst the parade vehicles are in motion.

Consumption of Alcoholic drinks by minors:

The security Committee feels that whilst it is the responsibility of parents and guardians not to serve or allow alcohol to be served to minors, the band promoters/owners must take the responsibility to instruct bartenders not to serve alcohol to minors. Notices must be displayed on all mobile bars/refreshment stations stating that Alcoholic drinks will not be served to minors.

Security requirement:

All participating troupes must provide security officers to man the front and sides of trucks/trailers to dissuade revellers from leaning on or climbing on to moving trucks/wheels.

Antigua & Barbuda Transport Board Certification:

The Transport Board will certify that all parade route trailers, trucks, service vehicles are roadworthy for the purpose of carrying persons and equipment. The vehicles must conform to the following standards:
  • That the maximum length of any flatbed or trailer does not exceed 40ft in length.
  • That the maximum width of any flatbed, trailer or service vehicle does not exceed 8ft 4in.
  • That the maximum height of any parade route vehicle does not exceed 15 ft. from ground level to roof top.
  • That all climbing ladders/stairs be fitted with suitable hand railing.
  • That all vehicles/trailers carrying generators be fitted with fire extinguishers.
  • The all service trucks are fitted with a functioning air horn.
  • That all speakers and supporting instruments are adequately secured.
  • That the barrier frame installed around the trailer wheels is properly secured to the base of the trailer and that all construction specifications are adhered to.


  • Drivers must have the appropriate license to drive the respective vehicle.
  • The driver of a trailer must have the minimum of an E4 class driver’s license.
  • List of drivers’ names with specific vehicle registration number to be submitted to the Transport Board for verification, 7 days prior to the parade.
  • No exchange of vehicle driver with a lesser grade license.
  • The drivers of trailers/rigs and similar large vehicles must have another person (spotter) while in operation. Both persons should make use of hand signals instead of verbal ones and should understand each other’s signals.
  • Ensure no one gets on or off a vehicle whilst it is moving.
  • The drivers of large vehicles must have complete familiarity with the entire parade route.
  • The Antigua & Barbuda Festivals Commission will appoint Parade Marshals who will work with the Police and Private Security Officers on parade routes.
  • Parade marshals will monitor and enforce strict adherence to the safety rules.
  • The Parade Marshals are in control of the parade and all instructions and decisions given by them, must be followed.


  • All vehicles participating in the carnival parade must be duly licensed.
  • Ensure insurance is adequate to cover vehicles in the parade.
  • Participants and revellers must not come within 3 feet on all sides of the vehicle.
  • Vehicles must display sign/banner stating this 3 feet rule.
  • Vehicles must have external mirrors providing all round vision with no blind spots.
  • Security officers must be posted at all 4 sides of the vehicle in particular large flatbed rigs carrying the bands or sound systems. All security officers are required to wear high visibility clothing (reflective traffic vests).
  • No person should shall ride atop the vehicle bonnet and obstruct the view of the driver.
  • Any instrument, speaker containers etc. carried on board any moving vehicle on the parade route must be securely fastened to the base or sides of the vehicle.
  • Nothing in the vehicle cab should obscure the view of the driver; e.g. soft toys, bundles of paper on the dashboard etc.
  • The trailer platform/floor must be flat without holes.
  • No excessive fume emittance from vehicles. Vehicles must be equipped with a first aid kit and fire extinguisher.
  • Spraying of water/fluids should be confined to parade participants only. No spraying of water/liquids on bystanders. 
  • ABTB will inspect the parade vehicles and issue certificates.
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