Carnival Monday and Tuesday Results:

Carnival Monday and Tuesday Results:


Junior Carnival Winner: Good Samaritan Preschool

Princess Carnival Winner: Mia, Rockers Mas’ Troupe

Prince Carnival Winner: Rockers Mas’ Troupe Golden Cobra Snake

School Troupe Winner: Sunny Side Tutorial

Cheerleaders Competition Winner: Xplosion Cheerleaders

Best Business Float: National Solid Waste


Jouvert Morning Results:


First Jam Band: Revo Band

First Steel Bans: WIOC Gemonites

Sweetest Sounding Jamband: Revo Band

Largest Jouvert Troupe: Caution

Best Portrayed: Flex Mas Troupe

Best Behaved: Wadadli Brew Masters


Monday Wear Winner: Myst Carnival

T-shirt Mas Winner: Insane Carnival

Small Band of the Year: Xclamation Mas

Medium Band: Xclusive Carnival

Mini Band: Nava Carnival

Band of the Year: Insane Carnival


Road March Winners:


33 times Tanya by Menace

37 In Yuh Face by Tian Winter

Winner: Fish Dance 117 times played by Low Rider

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