Antigua Carnival 2018 Results in Full

Antigua Carnival 2018 Results:


T-Shirt Mas Competition:

2nd Runner-Up – Icons

1st Runner-up – Myst Carnival

Winner & 2018 T-shirt Mas Champion – Insane Carnival



Scotiabank Teen Splash 2018:
2nd Runner-up – Glenfield Brann (SMSS) & Sheronia McAlmont (CKHS)
1st Runner-up – Romario Hughes (JSS) & Sierra Letlow (CHSS)
Winner – Mjolnor Messiah (SJA) & Rhea Watkins (SASS)

Prince Competition:

2nd Runner-up – Adele School

1st Runner-up – Silk Dust Mas Troupe

Winner – Ali & Associates


Princess Competition:

2nd Runner-up – Xklusive Carnival

1st Runner-up – Ali & Associates

Winner – Xclamation Mas Troupe


Pre-School Troupe Competition

1st Runner-up – Good Samaritans/La Petite

Winner – Sprout Angels Learning Centre


School Troupe Competition:

2nd Runner-up – Mary E. Pigott Primary

1st Runner-up – Five Islands Primary

Winner – Sea View Farm Primary


Junior Private Bands Competition:

2nd Runner-up – Silk Dust Mas Troupe – “Antigua Gold The Black Pineapple”

1st Runner – up – Rockers Mas Troupe

Winner – Revellers Mas Troupe – “The Mas in We”


Junior Carnival Spirit of Carnival Competition:

Winner –.Sea View Farm Primary


State Insurance Junior Calypso Monarch (5-12):

2nd Runner-Up – Deh African Prince

1st Runner-up – Calypso Lily – “Rise Again”

Winner – Ge’eve – “Break the Silence”

State Insurance Junior Calypso Monarch (13-19):

2nd Runner-up – Lady Clair

1st Runner-up – Singing Shyla

Winner – King Vicious


ECAB Junior Groovy Soca Monarch:

2nd Runner-up – Lady Clair

1st Runner-up – King Vicious – “Leave Me Alone”

Winner – Ge’eve – “Champion”


ECAB Junior Jumpy Soca Monarch:

2nd Runner-up – Soca Villain – “Vikings”

1st Runner-up – King Vicious – “Spanish Fever”

Winner – Empress – “Girl Power:


2018 ACB Panorama:

2nd runner-up – Halcyon Steel Orchestra “Rudeness Mek Me” by Burning Flames

Winner – FLOW Hells Gate Steel Orchestra “Steelband War” by Queen Thalia

Panache Steel Orchestra “Good Time” by Tian Winter


2018 FLOW Groovy Monarch

2nd Runner-up – Claudette Peters - “Arm’s Length”

1st Runner-up – Tian Winter – “Fete is Life”

Winner – Ezzy Rattigan – “Syrian Soca”


2018 FLOW Jumpy Monarch

2nd Runner-up – Menace – “Friends”

1st Runner-up – Claudette Peters – “Mash It Up”

Winner – Tian Winter – “All For One”


2018 Wadadli Beer Calypso Monarch Competition:

2nd Runner-Up – King Zacari

1st Runner-up – King Fiah

Winner – Queen Thalia


Queen of the Band Competition

2nd Runner-Up – MisFitz International Carnival – “NOVA”

1st Runner-up – Rockers Mas Band

Winner – Ali & Associates

J’ouvert Morning:

First J’ouvert Troupe on the Road – Caution

First Hi-Fi – King Warrior Sounds

First Steel Band on the Road – WIOC Gemonites

First Jam Band on the Road – Revo Band

Best Organized J’ouvert Troupe – Wadadli Brew Masters

Best Portrayed Band – Wadadli Brew Masters

Largest J’ouvert Troupe – Wadadli Brew Masters

Sweetest Sounding Jam Band on the road – Revo Band and Onyan Effek  


Road March Competition:

2nd Runner-up:

Fete Is Life - Tian Winter and Syrian Soca – Ezzy Rattigan (7 times)

1st Runner-up:

Friends – Menace (9 times)

Winner & 2018 Road March (Winner of the Patrick A. Michael Memorial Trophy)

Gallop  – Red Hot Flames (19 times)


Senior Carnival – Monday Wear 

2nd Runner-Up - Xklusive Carnival – “The Empire” 

1st Runner-Up - Insane Carnival – “The Uprising Revolution” 

Winner - Myst Carnival Inc. – “Celestials”


Senior Costume – Carnival Monday

2nd Runner-up – African Gems – “Warriors”

1st Runner-up – Jus Friends – “Dress Fancy”

Winner – Exclamation Mas – “Tropical Island Breeze”


Band of the Year – Mini Bands

2nd Runner-Up: Jus Friends – “The Mas in We - Dress Fancy”

1st Runner-Up: Fuze Carnival – “Azania Road to Redemption”

Winner - Carnival Dolls


Band of the Year – Medium Bands

2nd Runner-up – MisFitz International Carnival – “Illumina-8 The Enlightenment”

1st Runner-up – Xklusive Carnival – “The Empire”

Winner – Xclamation Mas Troupe - “Tropical Island Breeze”


Band of the Year – Large Bands

1st Runner-up – Myst Carnival – “Celestials”


Winner – Insane Carnival – “The Uprising Revolution”


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