Past Band of the Year Winners

Past Band of the Year Winners

Past Band of the Year Winners highlights all the previous champions who parade the streets through revelry.

Year Name of Mas Troupe Theme
1958 Mexican Dancers Vere Bird Jr.
1959 North American Indians Vere Bird Jr.
1960 Pageant of Sienna Vere Bird Jr.
1961 Bedouins Basil Peters
1962 Interplanetary Flag Wavers Rick James
1963 Atlantis Revellers Rick James
1964 Golden Age of the Aztecs Basil Peters
1965 Fancy Cee Bee’s Scotty & Berry
1966 The Birds Viceroy
1967 Butterflies Aces
1968 Aliens Aces
1969 Rainbow Fantasy Cardinals
1970 Paragons  
1971 Oriental Fantasy Paragon
1972 Squezy Mas Camp  
1973 Birds of the West Indies Dorian Carty
1974 Interplanatory Sailors Harmonite (A Group)
1975 Dynamics Shell Kingdom
1976 Dynamics Fire on Ice
1977 Associated Artists Sun Worshippers
1978 Associated Artists Illusion
1979 Revellers Revellers in Atlantis
1980 Dynamics Balloon Fantasy
1981 Revellers Mexicans
1982 Revellers Pared in Paradise
1983 Festival of Masqueraders Showcase Productions
1984 Symphony of Colours and Movement Revellers
1985 Caribbean Harvest Dynamics
1986 Light up The World Dynamics
1987 Music Sweet Music Dynamics
1988 Across the Desert Dynamics
1989 From Rags to Riches Dynamics
1990 Boycott Mas Association  
1991 Desert Storm Dynamic
1992 Save Earth – A Look at the Environment  
1993 Rainbow Carnival Dynamic
1994 Old Time Mas Vitus Mas Camp
1995 Jungle Band Revellers
1996 Oh Barbuda Vitus Mas Camp
1997 The Mayas Dynamic
1998 Sun up Sun Down Vitus Mas Camp
1999 Life’s Carnival Dynamics
2000 25 and Counting Dynamics
2001 Tribute to the Grand Master Revellers
2002 Morning Noon and Night Revellers
2003 Old Time Some Thing Revellers
2004 Celebrating Special Holiday Revellers
2005 Come Dance with Me Revellers
2006 Revellers  
2007 Reliving Mas which heads to gold Revellers
2008 Magnificent Pairs Revellers
2009 Awesome Tribes Revellers
2010 Revellers in Retrospect Revellers
2011 Festivals Revellers
2012 Revellers  
2013 A Visit to the Motherland Revellers
2014 Pre-Carnival fetes Revellers
2015 Rio – Tropical Bird fantasy Insane Carnival
2016 Mystocracy Myst Carnival


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