Calypso Monarch Winners

Past Calypso Monarchs

Here is the list of all the Calypso Monarch winners, through out the years. ranging from 1957 to present.

Year Artist Songs
1957 Samuel “Styler” Ryan Water Wet Me Bed & Don’t Back Back On Me
1958 Paul “Obstinate” Richards Dance Dance Dance & Obsti Will Sing Again
1959 Fitzroy “Peculiar” Richards Chemis & Shimmy
1960 Eugene “Canary” Henry Slapping Hands & Gem of the Caribbean
1961 George “Zemakai” Edwards Tribute to Radio Antigua & Fidel Castro
1962 Eugene “Canary” Henry Island People Names & Immigration Bill
1963 Kenneth “Tennyson” George Racial Tension & Gagarin
1964 Mclean “Short Shirt” Emmanuel No Place Like Home & Heritage
1965 Mclean “Short Shirt” Emmanuel Blessed (The Child That Has Its Own) & Beatles MBE
1966 Mclean “Short Shirt” Emmanuel Paradox of Life & They Scorning Me
1967 Manroy “Creole” Hunte Independence Carnival & Neighbour Neighbour
1968 Manroy “Creole” Hunte Martin Luther King & Proud Antiguans
1969 Mclean “Short Shirt” Emmanuel Heart Transplant & Carnival on the Moon
1970 Mclean “Short Shirt” Emmanuel Black Like Me & Technical School
1971 Joseph “Calypso Joe” Hunte Educate the Youths & Recorded in History
1972 Mclean “Short Shirt” Emmanuel Star Black & Pull Together
1973 Rupert “Swallow” Philo March for Freedom & Push Ya Push Dey
1974 Mclean “Short Shirt” Emmanuel This Land & Lucinda
1975 Mclean “Short Shirt” Emmanuel Awake & Cry for A Change
1976 Mclean “Short Shirt” Emmanuel Inspite of All & Tourist Leggo
1977 Rupert “Swallow” Philo Dawn of a New Day & Jam Dem Back
1978 Rupert “Swallow” Philo One Love One Hope One Destiny & Whinning
1979 Mclean “Short Shirt” Emmanuel Not by Might & Kangaroo Jam
1980 Mclean “Short Shirt” Emmanuel Help & Summer Festival
1981 Paul “Obstinate” Richards Independence & Fat Man Dance
1982 Paul “Obstinate” Richards Coming to Talk to You & Elephant Walk
1983 Paul “Obstinate” Richards Antigua’s True Heroes & Children Melee
1984 Glenmore “Progress” Shepherd Madness & You Getting It
1985 Rupert “Swallow” Philo All is Not Lost & Tong Mash Dong
1986 Mclean “Short Shirt” Emmanuel World in Distress & Jennifer
1987 Mclean “Short Shirt” Emmanuel Hari Kari & J’ouvert Rhythm
1988 Mclean “Short Shirt” Emmanuel Aids & Fire
1989 Julian “Fiah” Lawrence Faithful Nationals & Family Affair
1990 Lynwall “Zero” Joseph Kneel in Prayer & Speculation
1991 Trevor “Zacari” King Jail Dem & Guilty of Being Black
1992 Mclean “Short Shirt” Emmanuel Share the Honey & Last J’ouvert
1993 Ira “Smarty Jr.” Harvey Never Again & Role of the Calypsonians
1994 Ira “Smarty Jr.” Harvey What Black Power Means & Cry for Change
1995 Ira “Smarty Jr.” Harvey Draw the Line & Follow the Leader
1996 Davidson “Bankers” Benjamin Me De Ras & Fire Go Bun Dem
1997 Toriano “Onyan” Edwards Crazy Man & Wile Out
1998 Toriano “Onyan” Edwards Stand Up For Antigua & Ghetto Life
1999 Toriano “Onyan” Edwards Family & Swim
2000 Toriano “Onyan” Edwards Criteria & Money
2001 Trevor "Zacari" King Fine Ants & Allergies
2002 Lynwall “Zero” Joseph Aids & I am Sorry
2003 Lena “Ivena” Philip Robin Hood & Agenda
2004 Lena “Ivena” Philip Respiration for Africa – After Lester
2005 Lena “Ivena” Philip Don’t Pressure Me & What Did Castro Tell You Mr. Spencer
2006 Tyrone “Edimelo” Thomas That Was Yesterday & Rose
2007 Keithroy ‘De Bear’ Mason Support Party
2008 Carl ‘De Pan Man’ Richards De World Today - Not Me & De Politicks
2009 Trevor ‘Zacari’ King It was for you Barack - Just a dream
2010 Keithroy ‘De Bear’ Mason Leopard come home & Don’t Sing Bout De Judgment
2011 Keithroy ‘De Bear’ Mason Melee for Sale & We get the change Ivena
2012 Keithroy ‘De Bear’ Mason Time to Take our Place & Freedom for Mandela
2013 Tyrone “Eddie Mello” Thomas Ghetto Boys & Light of Hope
2014 Thalia “Princess Thalia” King Never Say Never & Heart and Soul
2015 Keithroy ‘De Bear’ Mason Can’t Stop the Bear & Sing a Different Song
2016 Queen Thalia My Guarantee & This Tenor Pan is Mine
2017 King Zacari  
2018 Queen Thalia  


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De Bear's surname is Morson and not Mason.

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