Past Road March Winners

Past Road March Winners

Winners of the Road March songs listed here. This happens to be the most played song on the road throughout carnival.

1970 Bum Bum Calypso Joe
1971 Shake You Waist Razor Blade
1972 Pow Pow Swallow
1973 Push Ya, Push Dey Swallow
1974 Lucinda Short Shirt
1975 Shake & Break You Bam Bam Swallow
1976 Tourist Leggo Short Shirt
1977 Supa Jam La Tumba
1978 Benna Music Short Shirt
1979 Kangaroo Jam Short Shirt
1980 Summer Festival Short Shirt
1981 Up & Jumpin Redding
1982 Push Short Shirt
1983 Party In Space Swallow
1984 Satan Swallow
1985 Stylie Tight Burning Flames
1986 Rudeness Mek Me Burning Flames
1987 J’ouvert Rhythm Short Shirt
1988 Bad Girl Lion
1989 Workey Workey Burning Flames
1990 Congo Man Burning Flames
1991 Piece Ah Iron Burning Flames
1992 Donkey Burning Flames
1993 Wet Down De Place Burning Flames
1994 Dress Back Vision
1995 Gym Jam Burning Flames
  Stampede Burning Flames
1996 Fire Unda Me Foot Burning Flames
1997 Crazy Man Onyan
1998 Sweet Song Burning Flames
1999 I Command You Burning Flames
2000 Exercise Calypso Jim
2001 Ole Time Something High Intensity
2002 More Gal Wan Ski
2003 Rush Burning Flames
2004 Road Rage Burning Flames
2005 De Harder Deh Come Red Hot Flames
2006 Trouble Red Hot Flames
2007 Pappy Burning Flames
2008 Musical Bomb (Scattah) Red Hot Flames
2009 Trade Mark – Stop De Crying Red Hot Flames
2010 Bull Bud Burning Flames
2017 Out Dey Claudette CP Peters
2018 Gallop Red Hot Flams
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Please note that Benna Music was not the Road March in 1978.yes two songs for the Monarch was competing for the crown but it was jammin that took the crown so please update your site.

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