Past Steel Band Winners

Past Steel Band Winners

Steel Band Winners past, all the way back to 1949. A lot of history made

Year Steel Band Arranger Tunes Played Captain
1949 Hells Gate Peanut Vendor Eugene Weston  
1952 Rising Sun C’est Si Bon Joshau James  
1953 Hells Gate George ‘Nugget’ Joseph    
1958 Hells Gate Sydney Prince My Mother’s Eyes George ‘Nugget’ Joseph
1959 Hells Gate Sydney Prince Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring George ‘Nugget’ Joseph
1964 Hells Gate Forster Hill Whiner Gal Hallelujah Eustace ‘Manning’ Henry
1967 Halls Gate Forster Hill 67 II Travatore Eustace ‘Manning’ Henry
1968 Harmonites Rupert ‘Teela’ Parker Miss Tourist Rupert ‘Teela’ Parker
  Brute Force Denley Martin La Cascade Harold Stevens
1969 Harmonites Rupert ‘Teela’ Parker Air On G String George ‘Macko” Weekes
1970 Rising Sun Dr. Charles Roberts Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring Vincent Freeland
1971 Harmonites Sydney Prince Love Story Rupert ‘Teela’ Parker
1972 Harmonites Sydney Prince Light Cavalry Rupert ‘Teela’ Parker
1973 Supa Start Philip Williams Carnival 73 Cornell Bookers
1974 Harmonites Paul Campbell Tourist Take Over Fighting Rupert ‘Teela’ Parker
1975 Halcyon Gerald ‘Belly’ Charles St. Peter’s Pan Penrod Kirby
1976 Hells Gate Donald ‘Iceman’ Weston Horrors On Pan Eustace ‘Manning’ Henry
1977 Ebonites “Lexi’ Pan in L.A Denfield Christopher
1978 Halcyon Len ‘Boogsie’ Sharpe Benna Music Panorama Night Victor ‘Babu’ Samuel
1979 Halcyon Len ‘Boogsie’ Sharpe Kangaroo Jam Victor ‘Babu’ Samuel
1981 Gemonites Paul Samuel 25 Years of Mas Vere Henry
1985 Harmonites Fitzroy ‘Champ’ Martin Don’t Eat It Fitzroy ‘Champ’ Martin
1986 Halcyon Victor ‘Babu’ Samuel Poets & Peasants Diefledermaus George ‘Scenty Thomas
1987 Halcyon Victor ‘Babu’ Samuel Light Cavalry Overture Pan Dying George ‘Scenty Thomas
1990 Hells Gate Allan Michael Play Mister Pan Man Stafford ‘Stove’ Joseph
1991 Hells Gate Allan Michael Mr. Manning Stafford ‘Stove’ Joseph
1992 Halcyon Victor ‘Babu’ Samuel 21 Years of Sweat George ‘Scenty Thomas & Tears
1993 Halcyon Victor ‘Babu’ Samuel Woman Run Things George ‘Scenty Thomas
1994 Halcyon Victor ‘Babu’ Samuel Where Will Pan Be George ‘Scenty Thomas
      In the 21st Century  
1995 Halcyon Victor ‘Babu’ Samuel Dis Party on Fire George ‘Scenty Thomas
2001 Harmonites Pan Coversation    
2002 No Competition that year No Competition that year    
2003 Gemonites      
2004 Harmonites Vernon Henry & Vere Elmes ‘Freedom Celebration’ Vernon Henry
2005 Gemonite’s Joseph “Jawato” Henry Robin Margetson Outta control
    & Curtis Cochrane    
2006 Hells Gate Vernon Henry Stafford ‘Stove’ Joseph  
2007 Hellsgate      
2008 AMP Halcyon Fitzroy “Blakie” Phillip Hitman Marlon Charles
2009 Hellsgate Aubrey “Lacu” Samuel Rube Boy Bacchanal Marlon Dyer
2010 Halcyon Victor “Babu” Samuel Rock Me by King Short Shirt  
2011 Halcyon   Victor “Babu” Samuel Don't Stop The Party / Swallow
2011 Hellsgate Khan Cordice Satan Coning Down / Swallow  
2012 Hellsgate Khan Cordice J’Ouvert Rhythm / Short Shirt  
2013 Hellsgate Khan Cordice Vivian Richards / King Short Shirt  
2014 Ebonites Dayne “Wadeka” Gomes All Ah We / Claudette "CP" Peters  
2015 Hellsgate Khan Cordice Sand to the Beach  
2016 Halcyon Devon Bachelor 60 Years  
2017 Hellsgate      
2018 Hellsgate   Steel Band War / Queen Thalia  
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2018 was joint winners ....Panache and Hellgates....at least have the right info

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