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Mas Bands

Misfitz Carnival 
Band Leader: Damien Benjamin
Mailing Address: Griffin House
Location of Mas House: Cnr. Cross & Nevis  Street
Email Address:
Contact Number (268) 734-6125
Type of Band: Medium
Colour Revolution Mas Band
Name of Band Leader: Rupert Looby
Mailing AddressDesouza Road
Location of Mas House: Desouza Road
Email Address:
Contact Number (268) 788-4251
Type of Band: Medium



Fantasy 268
Name of Band Leader: S. Kimmorna Otto
Mailing Address: Buckleys Village
Location of Mas House: Queen Elizabeth Highway, Old Nurses Hospice
Email Address: [email protected] or [email protected]com
Contact Number: (268) 460-6597, (268) 464-9370
Type of Band: Medium
Arising Mas Band
Name of Band Leader: Franklin Drew
Mailing Address: Bendals Village
Location of Mas House: Bendals Village
Contact Number: (268) 462-6948, (268) 770-2072, (268) 775-0314
Type of Band: Medium
Myst Carnival Inc
Name of Band Leader: Taslim Gordon
Mailing Address: P.O. Box W628, Friar’s Hill Road , St. John’s , Antigua
Location of Mas House: North Street
Email Address: [email protected]com
Contact Number: (268) 464-4FUN, (268) 464-4MAS
Type of Band: Large
African Gems Mas Troupe
Name of Band Leader: Ira Tittle
Mailing Address: Grays Farm Main Road
Location of Mas House: Grays Farm Main Road
Contact Number: (268) 784-7889, (268) 724-6323
Type of Band: Mini
Name of Band Leader: Glenroy Zeno Richardson
Mailing Address: North Street
Location of Mas House: North Street opposite Steel World
Contact Number: (268) 771-0816
Type of Band: Medium