Virtual Party Monarch Rules










1.                 The competition is open to all citizens of Antigua and Barbuda who are not attending a primary or secondary school. Proof of citizenship is required. A Valid Antigua & Barbuda Passport or a Birth Certificate along with a Picture I.D.


2.                 Songs may be from any previous years. Only original songs will be Judged.



3.                 Each artiste is expected to sing one (1) song.



4.                 Only one (1) artiste is allowed to sing a song. Duets or group performances will not be allowed.


5.                 The ABFC will be responsible for providing accompanying music for the artiste. The ABFC will ensure that each artiste is given adequate rehearsals.


6.                 An Artiste is allowed additional musicians and a sample programmer to compliment his/her performance.


7.                 The ABFC will be responsible for three (3) backup singers. Artistes who require additional backup singers may do so at their cost.


8.                 An artiste not appearing after his/her name has been called and the band chorus played once will be disqualified.

9.                 The competition will be divided into two (2) segments:

a.       Eliminations

i.        Eliminations for the competition will be held on dates announced by the ABFC and/or the Chairperson assigned by the ABFC


ii.        Judging will be done via CD tracks ONLY. Artistes will be required to submit a CD with the Track for judging. Artistes need to submit their physical CD’S to the ABFC or send their tracks via email to [email protected]


iii.         A panel of judges will be selecting ten (10) songs (groovy/jumpy) to enter the final round of the competition.


b.      Finals

i.              The GIMME SOCA virtual party monarch finals (FLOW) will be held on the 1st of August 2020 at 8:00 p.m.


ii.              All artistes will be required to provide the band with comprehensive music sheets that are properly scored by July 27th, 2020.


iii.               Artistes will be required to perform with a live band on stage for a maximum of ten (10) minutes.


iv.               Only people props will be allowed



v.              Each artiste is expected to submit a list of their entourage for which requisite passes will be issued to a maximum of 8.


vi.               Artistes are allowed to show versatility during stage performance (not required to sing their song as it is on the album but rather, they can repeat verses, slow it down among other things to get virtual reactions).


vii.               All finalists are required to be on stage for the crowning and presentation ceremony.

10.            FORCE MAJEURE: In the event that the competition is prevented or cancelled because of: Acts of God, Fire, Strike, Lockout, Riot or other Civil Commotion, Act of a Public Enemy, Failure of production facilities, failure or delay of transportation or other cause of a similar or different nature not within ABFC’s or the artiste control then the competition shall be extended by a period required to give performance effect. The Minister or the ABFC in its sole discretion may postpone or cancel the event if it becomes necessary and proper to do so.


11.            RIGHT TO RECORD: The program hereunder may be originally broadcast live or by recording over facilities arranged by or for the ABFC. The term


“Recordings,” as used herein, shall mean, and include any recording or recordings made before or during a broadcast transmission. All recordings as between the


ABFC and artists shall be the ABFC’s sole property and shall be for promotional purposes only. Should the ABFC decide to make available for sale the recordings, the Artiste shall be paid a royalty sum to be agreed upon by the Artists and the ABFC.


12.            USE OF NAME AND LIKENESS: The ABFC may use and authorize others to use Artiste’s name, likeness, voice and biographical material about Artiste for Carnival publicity and institutional promotional purposes; provided, however, that no direct endorsement by Artiste of any product or service shall be made without Artiste’s written consent.


13.            The prize monies for participating will be as follows:




Virtual Party Monarch





EC $



1st Runner Up

EC $



2nd Runner Up

EC $



Each Unplaced Finalists

EC $




These are the official Rules & Regulations as approved by the ABFC of 2020.

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